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    Tus-Holdings totally masters the development trend of global industry and development direction of national emerging industry; actively responds to the strategies of “beautiful China” and “digital China”; proposes “3+2” industrial system scientifically and systematically; then relying on innovation base network and financial support platform, forms three core industries including environmental new energy, digital information and big health, as well as the development pattern of two emerging industries including educational training and cultural media; and gathers a large batch of leading enterprises into the industry to promote regional innovation and R&D economic development.

    Tus-Holdings develops from its unique genes, then taking it as a driving force. Forming an integrated and interactive business model by the carrier of science parks' innovative entrepreneurship system  and the derivative industrial entities of environmental new energy, big health and digital economy.

    Tus-Holdings' development originates from its unique genes, then takes it as a driving force. It forms a business model which is carried by science parks' innovative entrepreneurship service system. The model is  integrated and interacted by the derivative industrial entities of environmental new energy, big health and digital economy.

    Centered on Tus-Sound, Tus-clean Energy  Group, Yadu Science and Tus-Water, Tus-Holdings emphasizes on creating an environmental new energy industrial platform, devoting to China’s ecological environmental protection and green development.

    Tus-Sound - a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, one of Top 10 national influential enterprises in solid waste industry; it provides all-round “one-stop” services and integrated environmental solutions.

    Tus-Clean Energy Group - with Tsinghua Solar (a company that has led China solar energy industry for 25 years) as its predecessor; with Tus-Holdings’ platform advantages, Tus-Clean Energy Group will develop rapidly in three fields: in the field of clean electricity, led by photovoltaic energy, the Group keeps promoting wind power and stored energy to grow rapidly; in the field of clean heat, the Group completes heat layout with clean combustion of coal, application of biomass, application of heat pump technology and future nuclear heat supply; in the field of clean power, the Group keeps tracking the industries, such as new energy battery and biodiesel and takes part in a proper time. In the future, Tus-Clean Energy Group will promote China’s advanced clean energy technology to global market to serve all mankind.

    The standard maker in China's solar power heating utilization industry devote themselves to promotion and application of clean energy.The company's core businesses focus on developing two sectors of electricity and heat around new energy field.

    Yadu Science - a national high and new technology enterprise owning large scale and multiple proprietary intellectual property rights and starts early in domestic field of environmental protection; domestic market share of its products keeps ranking the top for many consecutive years and its products are sold abroad.

    Tus-Water - a professional and all-round water platform owned by Tus-Holding Group; on the basis of water investment and operation as well as the fluid separation based on membrane technology, it stretches to upstream and downstream of the industry and provides all-round solutions to water resource optimization management and pollution abatement.

    A digital city development platform created centering on 21Vianet and Tus-Guoxin Lingtong; it is an important carrier for Tus-Holdings to assist the strategic implementation of “digital China”.

    It is the NASDAQ-listed company, the world's important cyberspace infrastructure service provider, and also China's largest third-party independent data center operator. It accounts for 10.5% of the market share  in  China's third-party IDC service and cloud service, ranking  No. 1.

    Guoxin Lingtong - a world leading enterprise that provides safe mobile solutions, the only Chinese member of Global Enterprise Mobile Alliance; its products, solutions and professional services cover mainland China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other overseas markets.

    Rice Micro - an enterprise specialized in IC design of Internet of Things RFID chips; company goal is to complete full coverage of Internet of Things RFID chips, realize digitalization of the identity information accessed to Internet of Things and assist the great development of China digital economy.

    It is the first domestic manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights of mobile management platform EMM. It has successfully set up the new smart cities' cloud platform and provided complete service of digital park, digital livelihood, digital government affairs and digital industry based on the platform.

    Tus-Digital World - a pioneer in domestic VR application field; it forms a standardized virtual reality solutions through industry and city integration, innovation service and intelligent application, creates a virtual zoo industry chain centered on “Monsters Kingdom” and builds a unique VR applied whole industry ecosystem.

    Centered on Tus-Guhan and Qiaobo Ski World, it builds a big health industrial platform and leads the development of China health industry.

    Tus-Guhan - founded in 1956, a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, a national new high-tech enterprise; it mainly devotes to researching and developing tradition Chinese medicine recipes and proved recipes, preparation of western medicines and biological products; Top 50 of national traditional Chinese medicine industry; “Guhan” is a national famous trademark.

    Qiaobo Ski World - China’s first skiing site integrating fashionable skiing, ice park, travel and leisure, specialty catering, conference resort as well as sports, recovery center and health examination characterized in indoor skiing; in the skiing industry, it owns the longest business hours, the largest single complex area, the only chain operation, the highest safety performance, the most comprehensive supporting facilities, the most professional teaching team and the most perfect reaching system.

    Chengzhi Daily Expenses Chemical - founded in 1958, the largest toothpaste manufacturing enterprise in the middle area, a leading enterprise of light industry in Jiangxi Province; centering on big health industry, it makes strategic layout for oral care and health products.

    In the field of cultural and educational industry, Tus-Holdings forms an educational training industrial platform led by Tus-Education Group, Tus-Business School and Tus-Digital School and also forms a cultural media industrial platform led by Tus-Media Group.

    Tus-Education Group - over 20 shares holding enterprises, the largest Asia online education MOOC platform, domestic leading K12 educational training platform, preschool education, basic education, management consulting, educational investment and other business platforms. Tus-Education is gradually growing into an educational group that provides full life cycle education solutions covering all range and whole categories.

    Tus-Business School - an educational institution that builds a luxurious teaching team gathering policy experts, academic experts, innovative platform operating experts and enterprise management practical experts; outputs the innovative and entrepreneurial soft power of Tus-Holdings. In April 2016, it cooperates with Yunnan University to found “Yunnan University Tus-Business School” allowed granting undergraduate, master and doctor degrees.

    Tus-Digital School - an educational institution designed to create “the incubator for digital talent education, the connector for digital district integration and accelerator for digital China strategy”, has created a three-in-one O2O integrated innovative education platform of “teaching training, research service, innovation and entrepreneurship”, so as to grow into an applied, digital and open institution of higher education owning distinctive characteristics of digital field, remarkable social benefits and satisfied by the people.

    Qi Di Middle School Attached to NPU - Since it was founded eight years ago, the school has realized “eight successive championships” of the whole city in senior high school entrance examination and the champion comes from Qi Di Middle School for many consecutive years. Batch A pass rate of college entrance examination is stabilized above 50%; in 2016, Batch A pass rate of college entrance examination ranks the top in Xianyang City.

    Tus-Media Group - Relying on three pillar platforms, including media base, media incubation and media finance, it actively expands the strategic layout of media technology field; combining with nationwide hundreds of regional TV stations, it sets up Tus-TV broadcast platform, joins hands with TusStar and Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco-city to crate “pan film and television cultural city” and signs agreement with Beijing Film Academy to co-build an “advanced film and television creation base”; then it invests to incubate dozens of media technology enterprises such as “Voyage Media”, “BRAVO” and “CBMV”. The Olympic Music Week developed by Tus-Voice of Tus-Media Group is the only international sports cultural activity authorized by International Olympic Committee; 39° Youth themed on entrepreneurship invested by Tus-Media is hot on many TV channels.

    Tus-Digital World - a pioneer in domestic VR application field; it forms a standardized virtual reality solutions through industry and city integration, innovation service and intelligent application. Its business covers four sectors of  hi-tech product, solution, Internet platform and digital industrial city.

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